Automated social media advertising

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Automated social media advertising gives your job ad the opportunity to reach a larger audience, especially passive job seekers, using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Google). The solution enables the creation of customized advertising on social media in the environment of job portal, thus being available to every client, even without experience with social media campaigns.


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Is this suitable for me?

The service is well suited for employers who want to increase the visibility of their job ad on social media and wants to do it independently, quickly, and with a suitable budget.

Flexible budget

Choose yourself how much you want to spend on the service. Four options are available - 50 EUR, 100 EUR, 150 EUR or 200 EUR promotion per job ad.

No experience needed

After the service is activated and paid, an automatic ad is generated from the job advertisement in the system. This way, it is possible to use the service without a social media experience.

More visibility

We use popular digital marketing channels (Facebook and Google) to help find candidates who do not visit job portals.

Easy to use social media and development team have done a lot of work and relied on their long experience to make setting up the ad quick and easy for employers.

Select a job ad

Advantage of automated social media experience is undoubtedly simplicity and speed. You can independently activate the ad for an unlimited number of times on all your job ads that you want to get extra attention for. You can set up an ad even without social media experience.


Activate and configure the service

Setting up an ad is a breeze and takes just a few steps. Choose a picture you like from the picture gallery, set the category of the job ad and the appropriate budget. After payment, the service is activated, and the social media advertisement is ready.


Automated social media ad

Advertisement is automatically created through the environment and published through our social media accounts. The content is taken directly from the company’s job ad. Social media ad displays the company name, position, location, and working hours form.


Advertising does its job

We display ads on popular channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ad placements. Duration of the social media advertisement is 14 days or until the job ad expires. Add will be displayed to users who live in a specific radius around the place of work specified in the ad, or in the entire territory of the country.


Job ad gets more attention

Automated advertising lets you reach specialists in your field with your job ad who do not actively visit the job portals. Target group is automatically set according to the category you specify when setting up the service.


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Example – Facebook

Example – Google


You can easily and independently do it from system by paying online, or

How to activate

Contact CV-Online sales department, which will do it for you by sending an invoice for payment by bank transfer.


Steps if you want to activate the service yourself

Activating the service and ordering advertising is very easy and takes only a few minutes. You can do it conveniently directly from our system independently or you can contact CV-Online sales manager that will help you do it.

Log in and go to your company’s dashboard and then select “Promote” on the job ad which you want to activate the service.

Click on the button “Order more highlight services” from the selection to order additional services.

Click on the Facebook and Google ads service button “From 50 euros, start ordering here”. You will then be able to choose which job ad you want to activate the service for.

Choose the visual for your ad that you want to use.

Then choose the target group and enter the budget

you want to spend on automated advertising.

Want to try?

Activating the service and ordering advertising is very easy and takes only a few minutes. You can do it conveniently directly from our system independently.

Should you have any questions, we will be glad to assist you: